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サイズ : M寸 ( 23~24.5cm )実寸: 七寸七分 (約23.5cm )Size:M about 7 inch

サイズ : L寸 ( 25~26.5cm )実寸: 八寸三分 ( 約25cm)Size: L about 8 inch





Put the finger shallowly in the thong.
When your heel protrudes from SETTA
It is stylish. There is metal fittings at the sole of the shoe.

You may feel tight at the beginning

☆ Gradually will fit your feet.

☆ 和服、浴衣、甚平、作務衣、コットンパンツ、


Cotton pants, jeans, room shoes
It is also fashionable to wear.



When wearing with room shoes please remove the metal fittings. (You can easily remove it with a flathead screwdriver)



Use the same fabric.
However, the left and right patterns are different.Please note.



Sole (bottom) There may be small holes and adhesive adhesion on the sponge part, but it is inevitable in the manufacturing process. Please note.



Depending on the monitor environment of the customer's PC you use, the color of the product may look different in actual colors and images. 

Please note on your order beforehand.


We also sell at the shop, so please understand if it is sold out.



SKU: 190208
  • 天(表)/綿 底/ ライト底 ( 合成皮革 ) 


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